New Ottoshop store!

January 9th, 2011 by jim

I’ve revamped the Ottoshop store. You can buy Ottomen CDs, Paper Fleet CDs, full downloads, comic books and more. Stock up on all the albums you’ve missed. There are so many! Check it out.

While you’re there buy a copy of the brand new Paper Fleet 7 inch “Baby We Love Each Other”. All proceeds go to the next album! Possibly an Ottomen/Paper Fleet Split 7 Inch!


Ottomen Records now downloadable! Complete your collection!

November 21st, 2008 by jim

Misung Stevenson is a ridiculously prolific songwriter, and Ottomen Records is an historically unorganized institution. So, it’s no wonder if an album or 5 has averted your notice. Well, worry no more. All of the Ottomen Records catalog is available online. Downloadable for as little as 5 bucks an album in high quality mp3 format. Visit our new section by clicking “mp3s” below or go to Be sure to download the 2 newest albums by The Ottomen: “Ottomen Attak!” and “Raw and Wrigglin: NYC, May 3 2008”

(update april 5 2011:  all of the downloads are moved to the ottoshop warehouse!)