Tape Transfer Tuesdays #2: Gremlins Theme

April 12th, 2011 by jim

This track is from the same tape as last week. I do have some older tapes but these are from around January of 2007. I mostly recorded this by myself over Christmas break from college but had Dave  add some backup vocals in Kansas City.  Theres another version somewhere where my friend Skyler Childers sang backup. I gotta find that. I think he helped me write the lyrics. Obviously the tune is ripped off from the movie. The kids at the end are my nephews. Tristan is playing keyboard. Kody and Kekoa are requesting programed sounds on the keyboard (Not the Beatles song The One after 909, as George Garcia told me he imagined.) Adam Brown from John and Jim’s Band is on drums.

Click here to Play The Gremlins Theme – (right-click or control-click to download)

One more note. The keyboard at the end and playing the bass line in the song is this one. A yamaha pss-380. It’s actually been on sorta permanent loan from my friend George Biggs. I once told him I’d give him 50 bucks for it. But I keep neglecting to pay him. So I cant say it’s really mine.