Quintron: The Amazing Spellcaster Live at the Pussycat Caverns

October 31st, 1995 by jim

In the early fall of 1995, Quintron and Miss Pussycat set up their equipment and performed in the Kansas City Art Institute Cafeteria. This being an art school, my friends and I assumed this was performance art by a student. It turns out they just were passing through and decided to play a lunchtime concert without asking permission. (Oh did I mention this happened at noon?) And they got away with it because everyone, including teh staff assumed they were students like we did. They only had to stop when they set off some smoke bombs and the fire alarm went off.

I bought this record from him after the “show”.

That Halloween my floor in the dorms (4 north) set up a haunted house on that floor. Dave and I did a puppet show through the door of my room. This was the firt public appearance of the puppets soon to be known as “George and Timmy”. I used this record as the sountrack, looping with my turntable’s auto-play feature. So yeah. This record makes me think of Halloween. So here ya go:

Quintron Side A Quintron Side B


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