January 12th, 2014 by misung

Hey, So i’ve been working on  lots of new songs. And here’s one of them. My friend Mark came up with this great idea for a song..about how this chimp you get that looks so cute can become your killer in 3 years. SO i wrote this beauty!


konga grab

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  1. Misung

    Hey chimpanzee
    You look so cute in your red overalls
    Hey chimpanzee
    You Swing from that tree and never fall
    Hey chimpanzee
    I’m glad I found you at the zoo
    I feel like a pop star, all I need is a tiger too
    But mr chimpanzee
    Please don’t attack me
    Don’t bite off my nose
    Or rip my face off
    I can’t tell from the expressions you
    But from the stories I’ve heard
    I hope I didn’t make a mistake
    Hey Chimpanzee my furry friend
    Please don’t attack me

    Hey chimpanzee
    You’re getting older
    Gettin kind of heavy to hang on my shoulder
    Your eyes are getting darker
    While you’re Sitting in the corner
    You don’t greet me anymore
    When I get home oh

    Hey chimpanzee
    Don’t attack me
    Don’t bite off my fingers
    Don’t gouge my eyes out
    Just be my friend because you’re
    So nice and softy
    Hey chimpanzee you gotta take some Zoloft
    Hey chimpanzee
    Don’t attack me
    My furry friend

    It’s hard to tell by the expressions you make
    If you want to kill me or just handshake
    But don’t attack me my
    Furry friend don’t arrack me
    My furry friend don’t attack me
    My furry friend

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