Jurstday Thursday – Justin covers Weezer’s only in dreams

January 12th, 2012 by justin

I have always been a big fan of Weezer.  I got a lot of ridicule for liking this band, but whatever.  Good songs!

So, after a discussion with David Misung Stevenson, I decided to try and cover one of their songs.

Not too bad.  I decided I would force myself to do it in ABLETON LIVE so I could learn not only how to record, but also how to build a song in the layout section.

There are still a number of flubs here and there.  I have no idea where the drums get their random cymbals from, but I will figure this software OUT!

It blows my mind how intuitive Ableton Live is…just the learning curve is as flat as Mount Fuji!  IRONY! betch!

Without further ado

Justin DiCenzo – Weezer’s Only in Dreams

Here’s my disastrous attempt at covering Weezer’s ONLY IN DREAMS…a very short ONLY IN DREAMS


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